letter · new years resolution

one of a kind

My Dear,

I’m just as fucked up as they say, feel my difference more with every breath. It has me missing you, my love. You see, you have been where I have been. Have cradled yourself in the weightless wings of chemical love, have sunk deep into the ground and tasted the earth — playing hooky with death for the thrill of it, for the feel of it. That insatiate need to make life real, to burn away the misery. And you can see what I see, as I see it: the insanity of it all. The heartache and the suffering; the beauty in it. You have been like me, my dear. You know what it is to live for setting yourself on fire. You laugh at the absurdity of this colossal, witless joke we call life. You know the folly of believing in truth and love, and yet you still believe in it. And this is why I can never leave you behind — you understand me. We are two of one kind… and you are it for me.




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