letter · new years resolution


My Dear,

Do you remember forever? Sleepless and lost in the cotton thoughts of dawn, tangled helplessly in the heat of our love. Bodies so awake and alive, limbs radiating with the fullness of our hearts, beating together in perfect synchrony. Tomorrow was forgotten in favor of the now, enfolding us within its glow, souls blazing with the wonder of words before unheard — that glorious moment! Our symbiosis. No other moment in my life has ever shined so brightly, has covered me so wholly. And no other someone has ever been what you have been to me. We each became the light in the other’s darkness, discovered that our souls were made of the same cloth, that there was no separation of me from you. That this was how it always should have been. And we loved, oh how we loved! I ache for another word – words with which to feel it – but words simply cannot encompass this. There is no other way to know it, but to experience it. And I know you did, in that moment, but I fear that you no longer remember it. I swear, if only I could speak it as I feel it… I wonder if we could not love again, as we used to.


Yours, until then & /forever,



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