letter · new years resolution


My Dear,

I drift here through you, through the spaces inside me where you still remain. Lingering in a world that has moved on without me, entrenched in what should have been long forgotten. You have forgotten. But I cannot scourge you from my mind, no matter how I try. You have woven yourself into the framework of my being; there is no extracting you now. It leaves me aching for a moment that is entirely mine. Purged of you. Of everything we were and will not be. But this will never be. So spin me down into the simple person I never thought I could be, and everything will be alright this time. Everything will turn out fine. The wheel keeps spinning, but I only tear and fray. It seems that nothing can spin, or whittle, or ever wash you away. I’ve fallen into your shadow, and I am lost here.





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