letter · new years resolution · prose


My Love,

Come with me, I beg of you. Please come along with me. Feel what I have felt and known what I have known. Love as I have loved; bear what I have borne. Laugh with me and cry with me, let your essence breathe and die with me. Feel the pulse of a heart in the height of its beat and the depth of an absence that flourishes with time and space. Rediscover us in me and let my footsteps lead you back to where I am waiting – please, meet me here! Where I have always been waiting for you. Because I have so much joy to share with you. There’s so much more to our lives than I ever thought true. And I’ve so longed to share it with you, my love. It has not been the same without you. And it will not be the same without you. I have not been the same, without you.

Please, come to me.




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