journal · letter · new years resolution

a promise

My dear friend,

We never really thought that change would come, even when it was right upon us. Failed to notice the difference until it had already come and gone. Then the blindfolds fell from our eyes and we realized that the landscape had changed. That nothing was or would ever be the same. When had it happened? Where had it come from? Why had it been here? We sought to identify the source, tried to place our fingers on the moment that had defined this monumental turning point in our lives. But it had already amalgamated into the unremarkable. It was lost, we were different, and the paths stretching ahead of us were heading in separate directions. Yet you still stayed by my side, just as you promised. Despite the distance and the vagaries of time. A little promise, made in passing, in the beginning. But one, it seems, that will always remain. It has not gone unnoticed, my friend.

I miss you, dear, and love you as much as always. Your amity has not been forgotten.




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