journal · letter · new years resolution


Dear heart,

You never stopped being there. Standing by my side through thick and thin. Choosing to believe that I was a good person, despite the immense and many wrongs that I had done you. The countless lies and secrets, the anguish and devastation. Outcomes of my bitter resentment and the antipathy that had been mercilessly gnawing at my heart. When I pretended to hate you, you showed me nothing but love. When I begged you for punishment, you offered me only forgiveness. And when I was convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was nothing in this world left to live for, you helped me to believe that something beautiful was just on the horizon. You had seen and known every part of me, both good and bad. Were familiar with every single blemish and flaw. And you loved me, anyway. You chose to believe in me, anyway. Even when I didn’t believe in myself. And you deserve every single thing I never gave you, and so much more, for it. So, although the words feel exceptionally inadequate and the gesture remarkably insignificant, I must say thank you. From the heart of my humbled soul. You have given me a gift that some may never know in their lifetime, and it is one that I can never repay. You are the most genuine and caring person that I have ever known, and I cannot express how lucky I am to have known someone like you.




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