journal · letter · new years resolution



I can’t even remember your name. My first thought, as I came across an old photo of us. We had so much fun, though, in the short time that we spent together. My fellow comrade in arms. I smile to think on it. And if you hadn’t approached me, then so, so much of my life would be different. I would not have stayed where I was. And I would have missed so much. So many people that I never would have met, so many lessons left unlearned, so much love, left both unspent and unknown. I look back on you and can now see how you started it all. My mind flies through the list, each person in turn, each relationship, each event, leading me to the next, and the next. Everything from then onward has led me here, to this very minute, writing to you now and remembering what we shared. The last ten years of my life has been defined by that single moment. That choice to stay. And this whole time I’ve been sitting here, still trying to remember your name. I may never. But I will always remember you. The person who first breathed life into my life. Thank you, old comrade. Nothing would be the same without you. And what an incredible journey it has been.




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