journal · letter · new years resolution


My Love,

You are changing right before my eyes. Becoming someone new. Becoming the person that I’ve always believed you could be. The person that I watched you struggle so hard to become those years ago, in the aftermath of what had come before me. You weren’t ready, then. That person wasn’t meant for me. And while we are no longer lovers, we are where we should be. I have at last regained my dearest friend, whom I had thought lost forever, for whom I wept until my grief could no longer sustain tears. The one who I had laughed with, cried with, struggled with, fought with, lived with, and loved so completely that all other loves paled in comparison. You have come back, and I can finally see you become the person that I wished and ached for you to be. That you have fought and suffered so much to be. We are more than our mistakes, my dear friend. Do you now see it? And you are a good person, so believe it. The best is yet to come, and I’m so glad that you have found someone you love to share it with. Because it doesn’t matter who gets the best of you, only that they help you to become it. And you will. I know you will.




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