journal · letter · new years resolution

let go


Now might be the time to let go of what you thought you knew and start exploring all that you don’t. Your preconceived notions about what should or shouldn’t be or have been, why it is or isn’t, could or couldn’t. It all made sense in theory but it never got you anywhere, because your ideas were black and white and the world, my friend, is painted in shades of gray. You got lost in the blending. Thought you had it right each time, but as you look back now you can see the error in each stroke, pinpoint the moments where reality did not meet expectation, or what you thought you understood about others were just your own projections, reflected in their eyes. All the miscalculations, the mistakes made because, although your heart was in the right place and your soul was ready, your beliefs were misguided, your faith misplaced. Lost in the details of portraits that needed to be seen as whole. You see them now, in their completeness, and although they are familiar, it all looks very different. What was known has become unknown, and so you question those beliefs, challenge your faith, try to re-discover what was real. But you cannot unpaint the portraits, you cannot re-discover what has already been written in history. So, let go. Let go of your beliefs, let go of your faith, let go of all the things you were sure that you knew and discover that knowledge somewhere else, somewhere new. Then you can decide what your beliefs are. Then you will know where to place your faith. Your heart will always be in the right place and your soul will always be ready, so there’s time. And if you happen to run out of time before you are finished, at the very least you know that you have loved, and been loved in return. And that is all you really need.




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