journal · poetry


I’m using
substance abusing
it’s cathartic
this narcotic
killing pain and
killing time
allowing me to feel
but this infection’s
getting stronger
and I cannot hold on
much longer
I need much more
to fill the void
each time
and push the memories back
I’m fading into black
and headed lightening fast
toward nowhere
no one
Thank God that isn’t all I’m left with
after this
it’s time to quit
and heal the sickness
before it gets the best of me
like you did.


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Wow, thank you! I can understand this and man, it really sounds like some of my stuff. We should connect, maybe….this is AWESOME, sincerely, from one writer to another! I’ve been a poet for 20+ years and so, from one poet to another, fantastic, keep it up! And from one addict to the other, stay strong, just hang in….you know it gets better. But that junkie brained bitch will always whisper in the back of your mind, unfortunately, just tell her to shut the fuck up and crawl back into the reticular formation amygdala bit of lizard brain she grew out of. But mostly, don’t panic when it gets too hard, just because you lose one battle does NOT mean you’ve lost the war!


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