journal · prose


Every moment spent without you is a moment wasted. And I’ve already wasted so much time in other places, with other people, thinking that surely I would find there what I have here. I don’t want to waste anymore time without you. I want every movement, every word, every glance and breath, to be a proclamation of my love for you. And I do hope and pray to have the same from you. I want for our souls to collide so you might feel this love in the way that I do. Raw and boundless and explosive. Passion that consumes you to your very core and leaves you shaking and breathless in the aftermath of its waves. The kind that waits forever. That grows into oceans and bleeds fantasy into this world’s bland reality. I search for these things in your eyes, your kiss, your touch. I want them to tell me, scream at me, “yes! I know! I feel it too! I feel it just as much as you.” I long to hear you say such things as these, for you to ache to become one with me as I do with you, my dear. I love you, I love you, I love you…

Yet she consumes you.


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