journal · poetry

A Moment in Time

I am lying here
in this moment
where one second is forever
and forever
isn’t long enough
to make this last.
When nothing in the past
or future could compare
To your caressing words
or the feeling of you there
You set my soul alive
inside of me, a fire
touching places
that exist only for you.
Oh this is truth
so true,
the voracious way I feel you
the insatiable way I need you
the fervent way I adore you
this is new
and getting newer.
& I am waiting here
in this instant
this second which will
collide with time
and leave us both behind
but oh,
before it goes
before the time has come and gone,
and it’s too late for me to show you:
This is where I’ve made myself completely, entirely yours.
In this minute
and until forever,
far beyond the now and never
Come what may or may not be
you’ve made me
complete and completely me.
You are somewhere deep within me.
My everything.
My whole.
My entirety.


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