journal · poetry


Am I your best kept secret?
That little, hidden wish
that you didn’t know existed in your well.
Well, I am here
and very near
to busting this wide open
in a token of my love for you
an ode to my great need –
greed –
for you.
You know what I mean?
Maybe not but that’s okay.
I got here somehow
and now I’m here to stay.
We’ll find the way together,
now or never,
when and ever.
Forever in that moment of ecstasy
where we’ll find our grip on life,
leave behind the strife
and confusion
in a wonderful illusion,
a reality bound to end in freedom.
You were my beautiful rejection,
now my heart’s one true connection,
my soul’s sad, sweet reflection,
an exquisite confection.
& I’m sorry for not knowing
what the truth was.
I’m sorry for the tears and all the blame,
the shame.
For moving on with life
although my heart just stayed the same
and remained.
I knew I was getting somewhere with this…
but you’ll never know
and I’ll never say,
because that’s how the game is played…
Or is it just that we are confused?
Thus, my muse.


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