journal · poetry


I’m looking for the key
to unlock the future
because we have so little time here.
Memories seep through our hands
like grains of ocean sand,
while wistfully we peer
through shards of looking glass
into a carefree past.
Where smiles draped our lips
in simple happiness
and so playfully, we kissed
through buoyant laughter.
Nothing seemed to matter
then, in time,
before or after.
But the present is tearing us down.
The weight of its oppressive force
is closing all around.
It’s threatening to silence us
with plague and hidden curses
that no number of rhyming verses
could ever hope to stop.
Why is the end so near
when life has only just begun?
Oh, to unlock the future…
I would give you part of mine,
if only time
was up for trade.
I could have sworn that you were made
for more than this:
a thousand moments missed.
But no matter how I swear or wish
right now is all we have.
So God or gods or anything,
to what or whomever is listening
beyond the sunlight, glistening,
I beseech and plead,
I ardently insist
that all the tenderest blessings
of heaven’s lavish bliss
be bestowed upon
my dear friend.


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