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Oh Well

I’m losing time
keeping rhyme
Your fare costs a quarter
but I only have
a nickel and dime
I know it’s not the best of anything
but it’s all I’ve got left
after this and that
after life has taken its toll
and I’m on a roll
into a hole
gaping black and open
I fall like a wave
I crash
in a daze
in a blind and clueless haze
like a wreck
I’m a mess
and you can’t save me
it’s not your fault, job, or duty
if it bothers you, oh well,
just sue me
or shoot me
before I find the gun and pull the trigger
‘cause this hole keeps getting bigger
and I’m its happy digger
even though I lost control some time ago
many “fines” and sighs ago
way too many tries ago…
kill me.
I just can’t seem to get it right.
Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Oh Well

  1. I am reminded of the meme–“Boy, that escalated quickly!”
    This was so clever, witty and edgy. I was taken by the rhyme in the beginning, choking with the piling-quick cadence of the end. Thanks for the great ride!


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