journal · poetry


I memorize your silhouette in the darkness,
the taste of your bittersweet skin,
and feel my life passing by,
but I don’t mind.
One moment by your side
is worth a thousand lifetimes,
a thousand lives.
I see why others murder
for love.
I would kill for you,
lose my will to you,
every bittersweet yet lovely day.
Lost inside your loving gaze,
with your tender touch to
set my heart ablaze,
and I don’t mind.
I see why some give up their lives
for love.
I’d sell all my time for you.
Give away the years,
in their bittersweet progression,
for one simple word or glance
or even just a chance for one.
Because nothing makes living
or loving,
laughing, crying,
wishing or dying,
quite worth it, but you.
And isn’t it so bittersweet.


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