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When things are looking bleak, consider that your life is yet worthy of envy. With your carefree family and precious laughter, your heartfelt hugs and genuine smiles. You have miles upon miles of tubes fogged with love, connections, and high hopes for the future. You are obviously lucky in so very many ways. And no matter where you go or where you are, there is always a place for you. Someone new to adore and adore you. To wonder how you are and reciprocate affection and joy. Not everyone can be that kind of person. Remember those among us who are a little bit separate from the rest. Wandering the lonely cities lonely, unable to connect, perhaps even acquaintance to a great many, but dear to so few. Embracing solitude because there is nothing else to embrace, finding nothing that truly brings them joy, or anything more than a fleeting contentment. They may all be left staggering in the wake of what will never be – envious, disconsolate, isolated. Please, please, my friend, enjoy everything that is yours until you are overflowing, and always keep in mind: not all are as lucky as you.


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