journal · poetry


I am lost
in the lonely city.
The wind keeps blowing my thoughts away.
My soul cannot tell
the day from night
and I am wondering
what to say to you again.
I have searched the world over
and crawled at your feet
for you.
Fought for my belief
in you.
Cried for you and tried
for you.
But your heart refuses to beat
for me.
Pounding away in your shell.
And though I lay weak and pleading,
it would not heed me.
Your soul just doesn’t need me
the way that I need you.
The kind of need that smashes
years of aching hearts to the floor
in hope of distant, fading memories of you.
The type of want that won’t let go.
But I won’t let go as long as there’s hope.
Although my insides ache and churn
and my eyes burn
with all the tears they’ve shed.
It’s like I’ve always said –
you are my only.
So as long as there is tomorrow
to try and try again,
I will try until your soul takes flight with mine
and we are one.
Because we deserve,
if nothing else,
each other.


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