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Not Alone

What do you do? When everything means nothing, and nothing becomes your everything. When the motions of life become oppressive, existing a ponderous burden. Alone is all you are. It must certainly be all you will ever know. You are beyond doubt that nobody, nobody, not the family that loves you, the friends who cherish you, the masses that you pass by on the street, could ever fathom your toxic pain. The misery that bleeds you dry, leaves you bereft and empty. Has the world forsaken you? It laughs while you cry, it smiles while you suffer. Understanding appears to be nothing more than a dangerous and futile dream. You must bear it in isolation. No one can ever know. You are too fucked up, no one would want to… what do you do? I urge you to remember, beg you to keep in mind, in times like these, that you are not the only one. Behind each opalescent smile, every happily glazed eye, there is a story. And no story comes without its trials. No life without its troubles. Although it is true that no one may think exactly what you think or feel precisely what you feel, it does not mean that, on some level, there cannot be empathy or perception. Please, oh please, believe me when I say: alone is not how you have to be. Someone else knows, in some way; someone understands. Someone may even be waiting, for you, with an open heart, a willing ear, a wish to share the weight, ease the pain, and accept you for all that you are. That someone might be right in front of you, arms and shoulders aching to take you in, to see you content and at peace. No? It cannot be? Well, perhaps I am not anyone in the grand scheme of things, perhaps I am awkward and rarely ever say the right thing at the right time, perhaps I am human and do not always act selflessly… perhaps I am and do many things that make it seem like I couldn’t possibly get it. But I do. I do. At the very least, I would try. And I would not deny a single soul, near or far, dear or stranger, the solace of sharing. Most especially you. And it would never be an encumbrance, only a blessing, to help. You are not alone. I am here. All you have to do is speak.


5 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. God bless you for this. I sincerely hope what you so freely offer is given back to you in someway by someone who fills your heart.


        1. I just try to capture moments and share pieces of myself in the hope that people will walk away from the reading with something new, or at least get a sense that someone else out there has felt how they do.


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