journal · poetry


It’s time to leave
this land behind.
Tread elsewhere,
drop the beat,
that my tired, twisted feet,
have drummed for far
too many years
in servitude of my fears,
and brought all whom
I kept close
to troubled tears.
I am so ready to be free now.
Much more than willing
to believe now
that the truth is all I need
to live, to learn, to be.
So meet me at the waterfront,
give me one last chance to see
the face, the eyes,
which haunt me.
The lips and tongue
that taunt me.
The love that left me
void in longing,
searching every word
for hope
and burning through each wish
in need.
You’ll find me
caging up my heart
and casting it to sea,
tying up old promises
to planks on which
the fishes feed.
You’ll find me selling
all my memories
and drowning all
my dreams.
But do not worry,
I’ll come by new ones,
don’t you see?
So meet me at the waterfront
with one final kiss
for me.
Then I can leave this,
at the waterfront;
we’ll go our separate ways


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