journal · poetry


A secret smile.
Thoughts are looping,
but there’s no time to
stop and catch them.
No time but for this
and each frigid, shy
Somehow I’m melting
in my skin;
can we stop and start again?
Rewind, my dear.
Don’t mind me.
You see my thoughts, they’re
running rampant.
But they will not be
interrupting, anymore
I will ignore them.
Yield myself to this
right now.
Let you caress off
all my skin
and make me whole,
begin again.
Is this beginning
or an end?
Is this for always
or a moment?
Old or new
or good
or bad?
It doesn’t matter.
I have chosen
to simply let it
It is fine,
this one time,
to lose myself
in you.
It will be just fine,
this one time,
to void all worries,
lies, or truths.
I’ll let myself go
just this one time
set myself free
just this one time
let you take me
just this one time
because it might be
all I get.


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