letter · poetry


Embrace the winter
like a long lost lover
wrap the cold around me like a cloak,
until I’m choking;
aching for your sweet, warm touch.
In the twilight,
while I’m dreaming,
it’s so real,
but once the daylight breaks
your kisses turn to dust.
And I am their ashes
swept astray, blown away
changing shape and place
and perhaps even name.
Constantly changing,
yet always the same.
Striking up matches that have my bridges burning
and him burning with a yearning
for me.
Why won’t you yearn honey, burn for me?
I need that fire to keep me real.
Lets me know that wrong or right,
I feel.
I’m feeling it.
Perhaps I should be killing it.
But I need you to want me
too much to let it die.
And I know
that you know
yet you make no move to stop it.
If only need could make you want to make me yours.


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