journal · poetry

Almost Close

I shifted in the silence
and waited for the sound
to explode into a word
a world of meaning
where all thoughts are streaming
out of me and into you
instead it slowly faded
through another dusk
into the night that feeds my fears
and the only thing I hear
is the dull ache of things that were
but might never be again.
So I mark the time
I keep the rhyme
walk on through this life
so sad, so fine
and find the silence all around
glance upon those stars
which have long since gone
and know that one day I will leave
this space, this place
give up this dreary
monotonous chase
of the dreams of those before me
and follow my own path.
But until that day
there is only now and here
and I lose myself once more
to the abject fear
that this will be another
unhappy moment, year
but I still wish you all the best,
My love, My-almost-near.
Were you ever even here
My dear?


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