journal · poetry

My Love

If I kissed you long or softly
would you fall in love with me once more?
My lips
soft, pink, and wanting
like this sweet ache in my soul
Instead I bite the bottom one
and fall backward through time
in my mind
to that moment where all was right
and I had freed myself
from the plaguing thoughts
of good or bad
or mediocre.
When there was only you and me
We, at the apex of our love
in that simple, beautiful harmony
of flesh, heart, and soul.
There was nothing there
but the tender caress of what could have been
and should have been
had I not forgotten the point of it all
lost inside the details
of what might be
but in fact never came to pass.
At the very least I know now
that even after all this time
I have been a little in love with you
(in some way this will always be true)
and I remember how your touch
set me on fire.
Sometimes it’s all I need to get through this
My Love.


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