journal · poetry

Forever Never

Am I beyond forever?
Greater than
the now and never
here or there
always, ever.
The hearts came crashing down
but no one stopped
to hear the sound.
The silence grew then
like a cancer
cognate to a question
without answer.
Stop to think
and you think to stop.
But once you dance the dance
of deleterious romance
there is not a not a single chance
of turning back.
Become the riven dancer limping
about-face toward the past.
At very least of things, it was a blast
while it lasted
tasting like a fine wine,
so fantastic.
Deceivingly destructive
in its innocence.
More than a seldom sip
and you are wasted.
Pick myself back up
with a dispassionate smile
sweep up the faded pieces
of dreams scattered distant miles.
Or speed this collapse
and shatter the remains
because everything has changed
there’s nothing to be gained
this place is not the same.
Forever is oblivion,
it was never in existence.
A product of some wishful thinking
and uncontrollable insistence.
It infringed upon obsessive and surpassed it.
And now it’s time to let it go,
but really,
it was so sweet while it lasted.


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