A thought about thoughts, in a moment.

Sometimes, writing is about thoughts. And thoughts are like moments. Sometimes, you don’t necessarily want to commit to it, but something must happen anyway, one way or another. Changing one’s mind is allowed. Feeling differently later on is acceptable. In a way, the things that were written might even end up being lies of sorts. Once you set it free, it’s irrevocable. What needs to be remembered is that even though it may be irrevocable, it’s not permanent. Things are always subject to change, and thoughts/feelings are no exception. They are intangible, fickle creatures. Moments are being unleashed. Not absolute truths. It doesn’t mean that something written can’t always be true, it merely implies that there is an option for it to go in either direction. True or false. It may even float in the center for awhile, first. And only time tells the whole story. Time, and a continuous stream of those moments to the page. Eventually, all secrets will be revealed, although you may have to read between the lines, a little. In the meantime, the release provides catharsis. The mind is emptied and freed once more to seek other ventures and broaden it’s horizons. Until the next time. These moments are not meant to be judged or criticized. Take them for what they are, even take something away from them, but let the author have their moment left untainted by negative opinion or ill-will. Because it’s not there to offend. It’s there because it had nowhere else to go.


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