journal · poetry


I tied my love to a balloon
tried to send it down to you
But somehow it ended up at the moon
Oh, it’s too soon for second guesses
Do you forget me when we’re away?
Do you wish you could reverse
All of the lovely things you say?
They must have been real that day
But are they gone today?
I reach out to touch you
But all I feel is distance
There is a poisonous revelation
Piercing the air between us
Exudes a vast, enduring sorrow
That’s killing all your feeling
And leaving me bereft.
Don’t you know I beat for you, my dear?
I’d vie for you
Defy for you
Pine and sweetly die for you
I’d do anything you want me to
But you simply will not see
All that you mean to me.
So I’ll create a time machine
Fly back to the those moments
where me and you,
and you and me
Were completely meant
to live and be
together –
Freeze frame.
Is there any kind of shame
In wanting that to last forever?
Oh, if I had only known
Those moments would fly off
And leave me behind
With all that could have been
on its wings
I certainly would have stopped time then
The perfect second
to go out with a bang
Before the disappointment
And the sin
could settle in
And make a home within my skin.
This is why I don’t do expectations, my friend.


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