journal · poetry


You’re a perfectly made passion
all the fashion
in my raging blood.
So divine
and so entirely mine. Right?
I might
I might
I might
want you.
Undress you with my eyes
take you in my mind
you fine, fantastic creature.
I do
I do
I do
need you.
I’d shudder at your touch
my body aches so much
for the feel of you
taking me down to my soul
and making me whole
with you
moving deep within me
driving me into the arms
of an all-consuming ecstacy
’till there is nothing else but this
your name bursting from my lips
a power pulsing through my hips
no, lower,
will you embrace me like a lover
whisper me sweet nothings in the end?
As blackness takes me
and I find peace.
Oh take me
take me
take me
there, my dear.
For I fear the end is near.


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