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Me, Eternally

Can I fall apart before your eyes?
Unzip this skin
Erase the sin
And lies
And yet I realize
That I can never be
Anyone but me
Or anything, you see
If you peer into the window
To the beaches
of my soul
There is a cavernous hole
Where I was shattered
Long ago
Little pieces of me scattered
Into the seas of this emotion
‘Till there was nothing else that mattered
It was there that I buried
All the dreams within my dreams
and patched up the seams
Of the past with the future
But the sutures
wouldn’t hold
So I tear and I fold
Bursting outward from this mold
Of humanity
Its insanity
Its blind and senseless vanity
I fail, I fly, I fall
I yearn for things unseen
Yet there is nothing here but me
But still free
Aching, still, to be
A little more than somebody
Slightly more than anybody
Could be
In this moment
Of eternity.


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